Where to dine in Edinburgh no matter what time of day it is?

27 February, 2019

Where to dine in Edinburgh no matter what time of day it is?

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, Edinburgh always has something fabulous to serve up

According to the most recent figures, more and more people are flocking from all over the world to experience what Scotland’s capital city has to offer. It’s no surprise really, when you consider the incredible combination of iconic landmarks, stunning views, fascinating historical sites, exciting events and convenient shops that the city boasts.

But we all know that when we experience a city, finding great places to eat and drink is one of the top priorities. Experiencing great food, good company and fantastic entertainment in a beautiful city is one of the best experiences anybody can have, and luckily Edinburgh is full of wonderful eateries to enjoy no matter what meal you’re after.

But how do you know where the best places are? Don’t worry! In this article the team at Quartermile developments in Edinburgh offer their picks for the best places to eat and drink no matter what time of day it is – from popular choices to hidden treasures. Let’s take a look.


They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing! A great breakfast sets you up for a fun-filled day, so it’s important to find somewhere that you really enjoy. So where’s best to break the fast on a morning in Edinburgh?

The Caffeine Drip

If you’re looking for a truly memorable breakfast, look no further than The Caffeine Drip. Located in Edinburgh’s stunning West End and surrounded by beautiful Georgian townhouses, the Drip is renowned for its fun atmosphere, great music and delicious breakfast grub.

You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes at The Caffeine Drip, from traditional full Scottish breakfasts to spicy African cuisine. There’s also a great choice for vegetarians, from scrambled tofu to veggie haggis. If you really like it, come back later in the day for their famous burgers.


Located just outside the city centre in the stunning Port of Leith, Roseleaf is a cosy, fun, family run bar and café that feeds your hunger and your delight. The café prides itself on serving up delicious “brunchies, lunchies, din-dins and munchies” every day from 10am to 10pm, and their breakfasts are particularly hearty and tasty.

Their tea and coffee are especially heart-warming first thing on a brisk Scottish morning, and be sure to make an evening stop here for one of their delightful Pot-tails — cocktails served in a teapot.


When you’re spending your time exploring an incredible city, you need a delicious meal to break up the day. Thankfully, Edinburgh’s full of great eateries for lunchtime.

The Elephant House

You might have heard of The Elephant House before, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. That’s because The Elephant House is a café that’s famous for being one of the spots where JK Rowling used to come and write her iconic book series when it was just an idea in her head.

The café is situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s stunning Old Town, and it’s really embraced the magic of the Harry Potter universe. The food and atmosphere are both great, but it does get busy quickly so be sure to get there early and beat the queues.

Deacon’s House Café

The story of Deacon Brodie is known throughout Edinburgh and remains some people’s favourite tale. In short, Brodie was a well-to-do Edinburgh gentleman with a taste for the thrill of gambling — so much so in fact, that he took up thievery too as a way to handle his debts.

Located right on the Royal Mile, all you need to do is looking out for the statue of Brodie to find this lunchtime gem. From its cosy atmosphere and friendly staff to its delicious menu including Scottish classics or just coffee and cake, there’s something for everyone here.


After a long day of enjoying all that Edinburgh has to offer, you’ll be craving a delicious evening meal with good food and an even better atmosphere. There is certainly no shortage of fantastic evening dining spots in Scotland’s capital city, and whittling it down to just a couple is difficult, but here is the best of the best.

The Balmoral

The Balmoral Hotel’s restaurant, Number One, is the place to go in Edinburgh if you’re in the mood for truly fine dining. Don’t let the fact that it’s a hotel restaurant fool you, because you won’t find a moresumptuous dining experience.

From the expansive wine menu to the chef’s personal ten course tasting experience, The Balmoral combines delicious food with an elegant atmosphere to create a luxurious and romantic ambience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café might be a restaurant chain, but the one in Edinburgh is unquestionably one of a kind. Fitted with memorabilia, rocking music and delicious meals, this is the place to go for a fun evening meal if you don’t fancy anything too upmarket. Adults and kids alike will love the Hard Rock Café, and its central location on George Street means you needn’t travel far from the city centre to experience it.

If you do stop by the Hard Rock Café, you can’t leave without trying their famously delicious burgers. When combined with a little rock n’ roll, they’re sure to give you a night to remember.

Evening drink

Your day doesn’t have to end with the dessert menu. Edinburgh is just as lively and exciting at night as it is during the day, so be sure you don’t miss out on some of the best places to grab an evening drink or two (or more!) in the city centre.

Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

When in Edinburgh, indulging in history is just as important as hitting the shops or seeing the sights, as the city’s incredible tales are what make it so unique. And Deacon Brodie’s Tavern in another ode to the unbelievable antics of William Brodie.

Deacon Brodie’s Tavern lets you step back in time and learn more about Brodie’s shocking escapades whilst enjoying a true Scottish pint on the Old Town’s fantastic Royal Mile.

Rose Street

One of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets is Rose Street, located parallel to and just behind the iconic Princes Street. By day the street is nothing to shout about, but at night the area comes alive as pubs and bars open their doors, music plays and people gather to enjoy their favourite tipple.

There are plenty of bars to choose from on Rose Street — from traditional Scottish pubs to more modern chic bars — and it’s easy to hop from one to the other when you fancy a change of scenery. There’s no better way to round off a day in Edinburgh than with a drink in a famous Rose Street pub.

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