Why does it say my printer is not connected Laptop and desktop?

12 February, 2020
Anabel Sutherland

[SOLVED] Printer is not connected Laptop and desktop problem

We have two basic options when we install a wireless printer – we either share a printer that is connected to another computer on your network or install a network printer that connects directly to our home network. Most of the printers available in the market are featured with the facility of connecting home's wireless network. The older models are supposed to be connected to a computer via USB and then shared on the network. Some printers can only connect via Ethernet cable. However, the printing machines that are connected directly to the network can be easily accessed by both laptops and desktops. So, installing a printer directly to the network is obviously a safe way to avoid such troubles. It will promote easier connectivity and show that the printer is always available for you. Let’s explore ten general troubleshooting tricks for the printer is not connected computer problem. We have listed the methods for both laptops and desktops separately.

General Troubleshooting for connecting a printer to your laptop

  • Unplug your printing machine and restart it
  • Check the wireless connection if it is a wireless printer or check the cables
  • Uninstall your printer and then reinstall it
  • Install the latest driver for your printer
  • Run the printing troubleshooter
  • Clear and reset the print spooler
  • Verify your USB cable that it is securely connected both to your laptop and your printer
  • Ensure that the printing machine is turned on and its status lights are saying that the device is ready to print
  • Update your operating system and fix the problems
  • Change the printer's status to online

General Troubleshooting for connecting a printer to your desktop

  1. Check whether your printing machine is compatible with your operating system
  2. Check whether your printing machine is listed under Unspecified Device state
  3. Do you have an antivirus installed on your computer? Temporarily disable it
  4. Check Default printer settings
  5. Reboot your desktop computer and perform a Windows Update
  6. Clear spooler files and restart spooler service
  7. Check with your manufacturer if Windows or Mac cannot connect to the printer
  8. Check the functionality of the printing line by installing a local printer
  9. Check whether the page settings are correct
  10. Update the printer drivers; maybe your printer requires updated driver software to work properly

Troubleshoot your laptop or desktop printing by the printing experts

Your printer manufacturing company must have a support team which is handling the connectivity, functionality, and performance issues. The printing experts associated with the manufacturing company will help you in resolving the issue, the printer is not connected computer if the above mentioned did not settle it. You can contact these engineers via phone support, email support, chat support, or forum support. And these options will be found on the official website of your printing machine manufacturing company.

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