Why does it Say my Printer is not connected to iOS device or Mac

12 February, 2020
Jess Jonason

Can't Print from Mac or iOS device [Solved]

iOS devices or Macs sometimes put the users into a certain level of difficulties while connecting the printers. It is annoying if it happens while the user wants to print an important document. We hope you are under such an annoying situation. However, two different scenarios could be there. Either your printing machine is AirPrint-enabled or not. Let’s find the troubleshooting steps for both scenarios. Hence, we will be guiding you with the practice of making a telephonic conversation with the printing machine experts recruited by the manufacturing company.

Troubleshooting steps for you if your printing machine is AirPrint-enabled

  1. You need to confirm that your printing machine is connected to the same Wi-Fi network used by the iOS device or Mac computer if the printer is AirPrint-enabled. It is likely to print if it is connected to the same network.
  2. Update the software for your iOS device or Mac computer. Also, update your printing machine and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware. After you have updated both the things, reset the printing system once if you are intended to get the best result of your issue - why the printer is not connected with Mac. Hopefully, your printing machine is ready to print now.
  3. If it doesn’t, you are supposed to restart your Wi-Fi router and your printing machine one after another. Also, move your printing machine closer to your Wi-Fi router.

Troubleshooting steps for you if your printing machine isn’t AirPrint-enabled

  1. Disconnect the cable from your iOS device or Mac if the printing machine is connected with a cable. Then connect it again.
  2. Reconnect your printer and turn it on. Then wait for it to finish starting up. Your printer will be ready to print.
  3. In general, iOS devices or Mac computers automatically downloads the latest software for most printers as part of these updates. If you are getting a message as your printer is not connected to iOS device or Mac, go for the manual update. Go to the printer manufacturer's website and install the software.
  4. Navigate to the Apple menu on your iOS device or Mac. Go to Menu and select System Preferences. It will enable you to select your printer in the list of devices.

Troubleshoot it by making a direct conversation with the printing experts

If none of the given troubleshooting steps have settled down your problem, you are suggested to open the official website of your printing machine manufacturing company. Here you will get their customer support number which is required to be dialed for connecting the customer support team. The customer support experts associated with most of the printing machine manufacturing company are trained enough to deal with the connection issues, regardless of the operating system you are using.

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