Why does my apple id keeps saying verification failed?

apple id keeps saying verification failed

3 November, 2022
Kagiso Rabada

Why does my apple id keeps saying verification failed?

If you are trying to install any game or open any application on your iPhone and you are getting a 'Verification Failed' message on your display screen, it means Apple's two-factor authentication process has failed or turned off. There might be several reasons why the verification occurred the failure. such as:

  • Low speed of the internet connection.
  • Outdated IOS
  • The issue is on iPhone settings.
  • Password is old or wrong.
  • Wrong entered of Apple ID and many more.

These are the prime issues when the users face an apple id verification failed message. To get immediate solutions, users must follow the below-given troubleshooting steps to resolve the verification failed issue of apple id.

Ways to fix apple id verification failed:

Before ahead with the troubleshooting process, you must check some basic instructions such as:

Ensure that, you are connected reliable wireless connection or if you are using a cellular network so your internet speed must be good.

You can check your internet speed on various online internet-checking websites and then, you can also try to enter your Apple ID again, if you are getting the same issue then, follow the below-presented ways to resolve the apple id verification failed issue.

Update your iPhone IOS:

Due to the outdated IOS, apple id doesn't respond so just follow the below steps to update your IOS.

  • Firstly, go to the iPhone SETTINGS.
  • Then, select to GENERAL option.
  • Click on the SOFTWARE UPDATE. (If it is showing there)
  • Finally, your IOS will update and before trying Apple ID, just REBOOT your iPhone.

Update Time & Date:

Sometimes, an issue with time, date, and location settings so the apple server doesn't work properly.

  • Again, visit the SETTINGS.
  • Now, select GENERAL and click on the TIME & DATE.
  • After then, set the automatic time zone option and click on the TOGGLE ON.

After applying the above steps, if you are getting an apple id verification failed message so just try to below-given ways.

Change or reset your Apple ID:

If you didn't change your Apple ID passcode for a long time so it is recommended to you change your password using below-instructions.

  • Press the SETTINGS icon on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on your NAME. (Situated top on the display screen)
  • After then, choose PASSWORD & SECURITY option.
  • Here you are required to select the RESET PASSWORD option.
  • Enter your CURRENT PASSCODE first and then, make a NEW PASSWORD.

Reset & update Network settings:

  • Again, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL.
  • Then, click on NETWORK RESET SETTINGS.
  • Enter your CURRENT PASSCODE and your iPhone network will UPDATE.

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