Why Does My IPhone Keep Asking For Google Password?

26 June, 2021
Neil John

You may see an annoying problem in which your iPhone continues to ask for the Google password. This usually happens when there is an update in the iOS version update, a download of the application or while trying to use an application.

Even when you are entering the correct password, then you wonder why my iPhone keeps asking for the Google password. Is your iPhone dazzling and keeps asking for the password of your Gmail account? Well, it’s a very old mistake, possibly years, and it keeps coming back to torment Apple’s customers, even if they’re running the latest iOS. What happens is that the iPhone enters a kind of loop and keeps asking for the password of the user’s Gmail account, no matter how many times it is entered. It is not the end of the world, but it can be extremely annoying, especially if you are trying to make an important call with your boss or your text messages to your spouse, or just trying to relax and surf the Internet. Whatever he is doing, the last thing he wants is to be interrupted by this annoying error. But do not worry, there is a solution.

Well, you can follow the steps below to solve the iPhone problem and ask for the Google password.

Restart your iPhone. If you have iPhone 8 or earlier models, you can press and hold the Top button until the slider appears. Now you can drag the slider that will completely turn off your iPhone. Now, hold down the top button and hold it until you see the Apple logo. If you have iPhone X, press and hold the side button and volume up or down until the slider appears. When the slider appears, drag the slider to turn off your iPhone X Now, hold down the side button once more until you see the Apple logo.

You can update your device to the latest version of iOS. This is because Google may not be compatible with previous versions of iOS. Therefore, if you update your iOS version, then you can solve the problem. iPhone keeps asking for Google’s password When you use an iPhone, you do not want the Google application to not work. You want it to work because it uses Google services like Gmail, YouTube, etc. Therefore, if you have problems such as the iPhone still asking for the Google password, you can try the following steps in addition to the steps mentioned above to solve the problem.

Close the Gmail session and try to log in again. You can log out of Gmail, which will re-establish Gmail authentication with the Apple service. Therefore, try to log out of Gmail and log in again to solve the iPhone problem and ask for a Google password error.

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