Why is my google home not connecting to wifi?

google home not connecting to wifi

18 October, 2022
Rogers Binni

Google always manages to surprise this world with technological advancements in its products and services. If you are a superb tech-savvy person then you will always love the products and services provided by Google. Google Home is the most likely product you will not ignore. It feels like keeping a technological pet at home honestly. You can easily interact with the services of Google via Google Home. If you want to see it in a way Google Home always lets the boss do the talking. Still then like many technological products Google Home also fails sometimes. The major issue the customers of Google Home face sometimes is that Google home not connecting to Wifi.

Why Google Home is not connecting to your Wifi?

Sometimes as a user of any technological product user, you face some technical glitch. Google Home is no different although it performs at a different level altogether. There are many reasons why Google Home gets into issues like not being able to connect to the Wifi. Sometimes it can be the low speed of the internet or the connectivity of the router being really poor. Sometimes this thing happens also due to a change in the password of your internet connection. The issues of Google Home not getting connected to the Wifi are usually because of the Wifi router being really far or maybe there was some interference that was actually causing the trouble in the connection. That is why you were suffering from connectivity issues.

Reconnect Google Home after password change

If the password of your Wifi is recently changed, then that could be the main reason why Google Home is not getting connected to your Wifi. In such a case, prefer to reconnect by following the given steps below:

  • Open the Google Home app from your Android or iOS device.
  • Select your device, then you will find the gear icon to get into the settings section.
  • Then click on Wifi and then forget the network.
  • After that hit on add.
  • Then tap on set up the device and then the new device.
  • Choose home and then tap next.
  • Follow the setup instructions and then complete it.

So, disconnecting to reconnect the Google Home device is the best way to solve the issue. In case it is due to Wifi router then choose to move Google Home as closely as possible to the router. This way you can easily solve the issues.

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