Why is my HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

12 February, 2020
Allen Martin

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem [Solved]

There is nothing more annoying than a printer refuses to print or prints only blank pages in urgent situations. Or maybe your HP printer is printing, but the printed output is missing black or color ink — no need to visit a nearby printer repair shop now. We are going to help you with the proper troubleshooting steps. Let's explore why does it happen and which are the quick troubleshooting tricks you may follow to fix this issue. The removal of the black cartridge which is configured along with the tri-color cartridge is the first thing you are recommended to do. Get a print with the tri-color cartridge only and see the results.

Top 5 potential reasons behind this problem

  1. Blank pages in the document you are printing
  2. The wrong paper size loaded in the input tray
  3. Empty ink or toner cartridges need a replacement
  4. Ink or toner cartridges have become dislodged from their proper place
  5. Clogged printer head nozzles are causing a build-up of blocked ink or toner

Is there a blank page in the document to be printed?

There is a possibility that the instructed multi-page document has some blank pages included to break up sections if you are printing a document from an external party. So you are requested to make an edit in the document to be printed if HP Printer printing blank pages. However, both Mac and Windows have developed steps to ensure that your HP printer will ignore blank pages and gets stuck straight into the useful stuff.

Did you change the in-program paper size setting?

Do you have an incorrect paper size? During your previous pint, you may have purposefully changed the in-program paper size, and you forgot to revert back to your paper size of choice. If you left the incorrect paper size and asking the printer to print in standard size, you are confusing your printer. We suggest navigating the Print Preview or the print settings and make sure the correct paper size is selected.

Does your printer have empty cartridges?

If you are getting blank prints from your HP printer, you are suggested to check the ink/toner levels in your cartridge. It will let you know the current status, i.e., ink/toner levels, of your cartridges. Maybe they have completely depleted since you last used the printer.

Disconnected your cartridges

Your cartridge may have become slightly dislodged and no longer not in electrical contact with the printer if HP Printer printing blank pages. Check it even if your cartridge is full and ready for action. Just remove and reinstall the cartridges if your printer is under any such situation. It is likely to complete the electrical circuit to ensure everything is running normally.

Does your printer have clogged nozzles?

Clogged nozzles could be a potential cause behind this problem. It affects the users who use their HP printer quite infrequently, with hardened ink potentially clogging up the nozzles. Are you one of them? If yes, find the Print Head Nozzle Check window and select it. This troubleshooting will let the printing machine clear the nozzles.

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