Why You Should Consider AOL For New Email Account

12 July, 2022

Why You Should Consider AOL For New Email Account?

America Online, abbreviated as 'AOL', is an old email service provider and it still provides free email addresses. Its classic “You’ve Got Mail” alert feature is popular throughout the world. The features of AOL mail are quite handy and convenient to use.

Free of cost

* Link to additional mail a/cs from various webmail service providers like Gmail and Hotmail
* Automatic disabling of links embedded within emails
* Spam filter and protection
* Quick Messaging Panel
* Email attachment limit of 25MB
SSL/HTTPS support after sign in
* Capability to unsend sent emails
* Availability of different domains: @aol.com, @love.com, @wow.com, @ygm.com, and @games.com
* Buddy list
* Virus protection
* Spell Check


1. UNLIMITED STORAGE:- Being a powerful email service, the unlimited storage box is the most exceptional feature of AOL email. If you sign up for AOL email, you needn't delete emails in order to create space for new emails. Also, you can create customized folders in your inbox that will assist you in organizing and storing your texts in a proper way.

2. FILE ATTACHMENT:- Another feature that may propel users to go for AOL mail is its fast speed to upload attached files. Yes, AOL uploads attached files quicker than any other mail service provider. With this, you are allowed to upload multiple
files with a range of 25MB. Doesn't matter whether be the size or number of files, the upload speed is amazing. Once you upload an attachment, you can see a thumbnail of the attachment. Thus, you are not required to download the files you don’t want, just have a preview of them. It also improves the system's security
as it enables you to preview dubious attachments without having to download them.

3. AUTOMATED RESPONSE FEATURE:- With this feature, you are allowed to create a message that will be sent to all those who send you an email during a specified time period. Suppose, you are going for a business trip/vacation and you are not able to check your email, then you can simply set up a message that will automatically get transferred to those who message you during your vacation. You can mention that you are away and your return date in the response column.

4. TRASH AND SPAM FOLDER:- AOL's spam filter can be enabled manually. From the security point of view, AOL emails are safe as they pass on all the phishing emails to the trash folder on their own. The AOL mail a/c automatically blocks users' junk and spam emails. However, in case, any spam reaches your inbox, you can easily mark and report it as spam.

5. MOBILE APPLICATION FOR AOL EMAIL:-Having a user-friendly interface, AOL mobile app is of great ease for users. Also, you are not required to log in every time you want to check your inbox. It's inbuilt notification feature enables users that they never miss any single email. Your AOL email a/c can be easily accessed through your mobile. Moreover, it is available for Android as well as iOS devices. Your emails can be imported to this app has a small window that helps in attaching files without being redirected.

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