How to Fix Yahoo Mail Is Not Receiving Emails

yahoo not receiving emails

19 October, 2022
Max Bryant

Yahoo is one of the most popular e-mail service providers throughout the world. Sometimes, its users face some issues with it. Try to read an urgent document through email but your inbox is not updated for the last few days which becomes very irritating. Looking for an instant solution to the problem. Then, go through the below sections prudently for details on how to fix the issue with yahoo not receiving emails:


Yahoo not receiving emails on mobile:

  • Update the Yahoo mail app to the latest version to eliminate the issue.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app to resolve the issue.
  • Update the device for resolving the issue of email not receive at Yahoo.
  • Double-check the data connection, if the network is slow then change the network connection.
  • Clean all cache files for a better result to receiving an email. 
  • When using the browser, update the browser with the latest version.


Yahoo not receiving emails on computer:


  • Sign in with your Yahoo account by using the right credentials and send a test email to yourself if there is an issue.
  • Check the Yahoo filters by which the email account looks organized but some of the important emails are received in the Spam folder automatically instead of the inbox.
  • Check in the Block Email addresses, if the sender's email address has been blocked mistakenly, then need to unblock it to receive the email.
  • May clean the browser data and all cookies and also remove the Yahoo bookmark.
  • Keep the browser updated or you can change the browser to fix the issues. If not resolved finally reset the browser as a factory reset.


Add-on to this, sometimes you forward emails to other email addresses and forgets. So, disable the forwarding and forget the emails in your yahoo mail.

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